Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Trip to Cape Town and the First Couple Days in Cape Town

29 May 2008

The flight to Cape Town included an 8 hour layover in London. Thanks to Christine's Mom I was able to get myself around London and on the Underground. I got off to see Big Ben and grab a coffee near Buckingham Palace.
It was an 8 hour flight from Denver to London and then an additional 12 hours from London to Cape Town.

31 May 2008 Saturday

I arrived in Cape Town at 8:00am on Saturday morning. We were able to go to our new home for the month in a town called Rondebosch, a suburb in Cape Town. I was able to meet my roommate, Rebecca and we unpacked and had lunch. Then in taking Eric's advise we decided to push through the day and save sleep for that night. We went down to the Waterfront, an area in downtown Cape Town where there are shops and restaurants and where you can catch the fairy to travel to Robben Island. We did some walking and sightseeing and then stopped and had a beer by the water. The day ended with dinner at home and a much needed good night rest.

Sunday 01 June 2008

We had our orientation in the morning followed by a drive up Signal Hill and a trip down to Camp's Bay. We were able to see the soccer stadium they are building for the World Cup 2010. We were also to see some wetsuit dressed surfers down by Camp's Bay.

Monday 02 June 2008

In the morning we went on a township tour. We were able to hear about the history of a couple of the townships including District 6. Also, we were able to walk through a bed and breakfast run by a local woman in the township of Khyelisha. Then it was an afternoon of orientation about some of the history of South Africa.

Tuesday 03 June 2008

The first day of placements. I am at a primary school working in a first grade classroom. I am not quite sure what I will be doing yet, but it was an interesting day of observation. I guess that's about it for now. Hope you all are doing really well and hope to hear from you all soon! Love~Katie


Eric said...

Wow, nice pictures! Keep up the blog work, it's cool to be able to follow along. Mr. C. says hi.

Christine said...

Ja, Katie, that is blerry awesome, bru! It looks gorgeous and I'm glad to hear it's been fun so far. Can't wait to hear more about the kids once you have observed more and start to really get to work with them.

Katie said...

Katie, I'm so excited for you! This blog is great, I will have to check in from time to time. I hope you are having a blast, and I can't wait to hear about the little ones.

Janettrav said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for sharing your blog with us! Your most memorable experiences are no doubt yet to come! Janet and Bob T